Giveaway: 52 Weeks of Gamepedia T-shirts!

Hello everyone!

Today marks the start of our very first giveaway at Gamepedia! For the next 52 weeks, we will be picking one lucky winner at random to receive a free Gamepedia t-shirt. The rules are simple: U.S. residents with active accounts are encouraged to head to the Giveaways page, click that Enter Now button, give us a few details and you're in!

Due to legal limitations, this contest is restricted to U.S. residents, but we are doing what we can to have future giveaways for community members in other areas. For those of you who are not able to enter, please do stay tuned and we will let you know when we have other contests. Anyone who is able to enter, however, we wish you the best of luck, and remember, you have 52 weeks to win!


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