The Minecontest: Win a 2013 Minecon Cape!

Didn't get to attend Minecon 2013 but still want one of those sweet, sweet in-game Capes? Gamepedia's got one lucky gamer covered with our MinecontestThis lucky miner will receive the exclusive redemption URL for the 2013 Minecon Cape in-game accessory (pictured above) for PC. You can enter multiple times by taking advantage of the offered gates, so be sure to do so in order to greatly increase your chances of winning. This contest will run for two weeks starting today, so maximize your entries and win this Cape! Starts today and goes until the 28th at 11:59pm!

For more information on Minecraft, the explosively popular sandbox builder, visit our Official Minecraft Wiki! The community continues to grow every day, and you can help to contribute by becoming an editor! Not sure where exactly to start? The Help Wiki is a great resource for anyone new or versed in editing. Don't forget to enter today, and good luck!


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