Four New Wikis In Time for Gamescom!


Wednesday, we were enchanted with Sony's Gamescom press conference for Playstation. Gamepedia now has four new wikis that correspond to the excitement! We have four brand new wikis added to our roster, hot off the press! Check out wikis for Lords of the Fallen, Rime, Helldivers and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

Since these wikis are so new, they do not have much information to them yet – this is where you come in! Every wiki at Gamepedia is built from the ground up by the community. This means, it's people like you who make Gamepedia what it is. Do you know of good content that has not made its way to one of these wikis? Please, do lend a hand! This goes for any wiki here at Gamepedia.



Want to help out but don't know where to start? Each wiki has its own personalized help page. Check out the left sidebar and click on where it says Help! In addition, Gamepedia now has a detailed and expanded Help Wiki chocked full of information for helping out the contributing community. Still have questions you aren't able to find the answers to? Do not hesitate to head over to IRC and ask away!


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