Line Your Pockets: Earn Steam Cash By Posting to Our Forums

Use Steam? Of course you do! Like heaping piles of free Steam Wallet cash? Of course you do! We at Gamepedia do too, and we are happy to present our very first Steam Wallet Contest featuring lavish prizes for posting on our forums. What forums? Why these ones of course! We're still trying to get our feet off the ground with our brand new community forums and we're providing a bit of incentive to help us achieve this goal:

  • Grand Prize - Five (5) posters will receive a $100 Steam Wallet code

  • First Place Prize - Ten (10) posters will receive a $50 Steam Wallet code

  • Second Place Prize - Sixty (60) posters will receive a $20 Steam Wallet code

The contest is going to run from 10/7/2014 - 11/4/2014. During this time any content posted to the appropriate forum will count as an entry to the contest, with each entry earning you a better chance at the Grand Prize.

For the duration of the contest the forums will be strictly policed in terms of guarding against SPAMany user spamming the forums will be immediately disqualified via a site ban for the duration of the event. So PLEASE DO NOT SPAM! Be sure you see the Forums Dos and Do Nots before posting to make sure your entry to the contest won't be disqualified.



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