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In Rogue Wizards from Spellbind Studios, you play a wizard! I know, right? To be more specific, you are a wizard tasked with entering cursed dungeons and fighting minions of evil as you close portals to a dark dimension and save the world. There's much more than meets the eye with this dungeon-crawler, as you can learn through their Kickstarter and our Rogue Wizards wiki... oh, and by reading on.

The core of Rogue Wizards revolves around you exploring vast, randomly-generated dungeons as you embark on a quest to collect loot and smite the minions that await within. Along the way you will also encounter mind-bending puzzles, and find yourself avoiding potentially deadly traps as you delve deeper. Because they're randomly generated, no two dungeons will ever be alike - meaning that your experience will change each and every time you start up the game.

It's not all dungeons and monster slaying, of course. When you're relaxing back the Wizard Tower, you will be the overseer of your very own town. What makes this even better is that how you choose to construct your thriving village will tailor the game to your own preferences. By constructing vendors to forge armor and brew potions, you'll ensure that you're always well-stocked for your next dungeon crawl, and with each altar and arcane essence you build you'll increase your magic potency. As your town grows, you'll discover new treasures - and dangers - that will be too good to pass up.

Rogue Wizards is currently driving forward with their Kickstarter campaign, which at the time this is published still has twenty-six days go to go meet its goal. Those who pledge to the campaign can unlock rewards like access to the game, closed beta access, exclusive backer-only content, and even the ability to name creatures or dungeons in the game! Spellbind Studios has also submitted the game to Steam Greenlight, where your votes can determine whether or not the game finds its way to the world's most popular PC gaming marketplace.

While you're looking for more info on the game, take a minute to browse through our Rogue Wizards wiki, where you'll find information on different dungeon types, spells, vendors, and much more.



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