Get Crafty with Rogue Wizards

We recently told you about the Kickstarter for the dungeon-crawling role-playing game, Rogue Wizards. In Rogue Wizards you are a wizard searching for treasure and battling demons in dynamically-generated dungeons. We told you a bit about the game, but we didn't mention anything about the game's crafting... well, until now.

As you explore the endless number of dungeons, collecting loot and resource while smiting those who stand against you, you'll be able to bring those resources back to your town. Here you'll be able to use those resources with the Forgestone and Cauldron to craft custom items and gear to help you conquer more dungeons and bring back more loot! But don't take my word for it...

Pretty cool, right? This is just one facet of a much deeper experience. Spellbind Studios promises to bring a unique approach to the the dungeon crawling genre, and you can be a part of that. Check out the Rogue Wizards Kickstarter to learn more about the game, and see some of the rewards you can unlock by pledging your support to the game. These include copies of the game upon launch, access to the beta, the ability to name items or characters in the game, or even work with the team to design content for the game. The Kickstarter only continues through November 11th, so don't wait!

Of course, you can also learn about the game by visiting the official Rogue Wizards Wiki, as well as checking out the official Rogue Wizards website.



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