Coraabian Nights

Coraabia is an all-new online trading card game with RPG elements from ARK8. We're excited to announce the brand new Coraabia Wiki! What's Coraabia you might be asking? The game takes place in a multiverse where Coraabians fight it out for dominance in duels which shape the very course of history. The goal of the game is to end duels with a higher score than your opponent, the basic principle being the comparison of the four numeric values in characters. With battle against bots and players freely available, and a ranking system in place for more hardcore players, Coraabia has a little bit of something for everyone.

Cards are divided between five main factions, your defining faction is characterized by whatever type of card makes up the majority of your deck. From the conniving and malicious Outlaws, to the just and self-righteous Guardians, there are seemingly infinite possibilities for how you choose to play. If you're looking to contribute to the wiki, but aren't quite sure how to start, visit our Help Wiki!



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