You've Got Terraria in My Edge of Space!


PAX Prime has not officially started yet, but the gaming world is already seeing some truly incredible news trickle out of Seattle. Today in “how cool is that?” comes from the news that Edge of Space – whose official wiki is hosted at Gamepedia – will get some Terraria content added to it, including the Skeletron boss, Omegatron, a Terraria pet, and a special Easter egg appearance from Redigit, Terraria's creator.

Terraria, the popular 2D RPG, will have content and its creator inserted into Edge of Space as part of free content to be released this fall, although players may battle Omegatron this weekend at PAX. While Edge of Space is also a 2D RPG, it is a space survival game first and foremost. As a player, you fight to terraform and survive against AI that literally tries to kill you!

Can't get enough Terraria or Edge of Space? Be sure to check out their wikis at Gamepedia! Terraria Wiki is has such an active community and Gamepedia has the official wiki for Edge of Space. Both wikis are created by the community and always have room for more editors to join in! Check out the specific wiki help pages by clicking the link on the left navigation bar to see how you can start editing. The Gamepedia Help Wiki is also live, with fantastic guides to give you a more in-depth overview on generating fantastic content. Don't forget that we also have IRC channels where you may interact with both Gamepedia staff and community members!


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