YouTube Round-Up: November 14th, 2014 Edition

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This week's YouTube Round-Up features the wide variety of content shared on the amazing Gamepedia YouTube channel, including a spotlight on your favorite hero from Heroes of the Storm, a detailed guide on fishing in ArcheAge, a breakdown of all seven attributes in Wasteland 2 and a great look into Ranger Lore, and, lastly, the official trailer for Breach TD



YouTube Round-Up: Heroes of the Storm - Azmodan Spotlight

Azmodan, the Lord of Sin, is a specialist hero from the Diablo franchise. He has the ability to summon minions, perform hard-hitting ranged attacks, and create a pool that empowers his allies. In this detailed YouTube video, you'll learn the specifics of Azmodan's traits, abilities, upgrades, and talents in Heroes of the Storm.



YouTube Round-Up: ArcheAge FishingWant to learn a bit more about fishing in ArcheAge? Watch this incredibly thorough guide that explains regular fishing, sport fishing, how to start from the very beginning, and the best way to gain easy experience. 



YouTube Round-Up: Wasteland 2

This week, the Gamepedia YouTube channel shared two insightful videos on Wasteland 2. The first video provides useful information about the game's attribute system. In the game, you have the ability to choose from seven unique attributes: coordination, luck, awareness, strength, speed, intelligence, and charisma. Want to learn which attribute increases your ranged weapon accuracy? Need to find out how to increase your critical hit chance? Take a look at the below video.

The second video for Wasteland 2 explores the lore behind the Desert Rangers, a well respected team of defenders dedicated to helping survivors build a better, brighter future. You'll learn about the formation of the faction, their growth through time, and the location of their headquarters.



Breach TD

Last, but certainly not least, is the official trailer for Breach TD. This free-to-play game has created a new take on traditional tower defense. The trailer provides a brief glimpse into the intense gameplay, powerful guardians, and the menacing, unrelenting Void.


Make sure to subscribe to the Gamepedia YouTube channel to be the first to know about our newest videos. As for next week, be prepared to learn about several of the most unsettling Vault backstories from the Fallout series, and, in the coming weeks, keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek at the TV network you truly wish existed.

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