Goatcraft Giveaway: MM-Goat

The Coffee Stain Studios office must be quite the magical place to work, because how a game transforms from the "single player, senseless destruction of quaint urban setting, you're-a-goat-causing-chaos" genre to an MMO is probably one of the bigger leaps we've seen in any expansion, ever. Yes, Goat Simulator is releasing its second expansion and it's hoping to be a true MMO. Staying true to that theme you can roam rolling meadows in a fantasy world, collect items to change your appearance, and rescue maidens as an adventuring goat. 

To celebrate the awkward "Goat Simulator is releasing another expansion and it's going to be an MMO" moment I experienced just recently, Gamepedia is holding another fantastic contest where winners can score full game keys for Goat Simulator! Be sure to enter using all of the available gates to maximize your entries! Winners will be drawn and emails sent out on November 24th around midday CDT!



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