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Epic Manager

Epic Manager is an original Fantasy RPG Tycoon that combines roster management, character progression, and narrative choices in a humoristic fantasy setting. The game has raised over $24,000 on Kickstarter so far, and it still has over a week until the campaign officially closes. We’ve partnered with the game’s development team, ManaVoid Entertainment, to create the Official Epic Manager Wiki, where you’ll find tons of detailed, game-related information.

Ready to open your own Adventuring Agency? In Epic Manager, you’re the manager that sends adventures out on dangerous quests in return for a percentage of the loot. The game includes tons of worthwhile features, including:

  • Over One Hundred Locations – Explore a wide variety of locations, and experience unforeseen challenges. Will your adventurers encounter an ambush? Perhaps they’ll run across a secret quest! Almost anything is possible in this Epic Fantasy world.

  • Destiny-Shaping Narratives – In Epic Manager, you’ll encounter important decisions that will forever change your game. You’ll be responsible for making important choices – and living with the consequences.
  • Sixteen Basic Classes – All adventurers have an “Epicness Level” that determines how many times they can multiclass and how strong they can become. Multiclassing the correct way can unlock several hidden prestige classes!

  • Detailed Party Chemistry – Every adventurer has a unique personality and traits that affect the party in many different ways. As the manager, you’ll have to get to know your adventurers to structure your parties as efficiently as possible.


To learn more about this exciting game, view the official teaser trailer above. You can receive exclusive wallpapers, forum titles, digital game copies, beta access, and more by helping to fund the game through Kickstarter. Make sure to follow the game developers on Facebook and Twitter to hear the latest Epic Manager news, and visit the Official Wiki for any other game-related questions.


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