Post a Goat, Donate a Goat!

Announcing today, Gamepedia and Coffee Stain Studios have teamed up to host #PostYourGoat – a social media charity drive and contest celebrating the release of Goat MMO Simulator and benefiting Heifer International. Curse and Gamepedia pledge to donate one goat for every 500 uses of the #PostYourGoat hashtag (up to a maximum of 8 goats and 4 flocks of smaller flying goats (a.k.a. “ducks”), a $1000 pledge).

#PostYourGoat will take place on Twitter and Facebook from November 20, 2014 until midnight CST November 30, 2014. Participants simply need to post their favorite image or video of a goat and include the #PostYourGoat hashtag to enter. All valid entries will contribute to the Heifer International pledge and 5 lucky winners will receive a code for the Coffee Stain Studios merchandise store. Participants are encouraged to include why they’re excited for Goat MMO Simulator and Twitter mentions for @Heifer and @CurseGamepedia. Visit for more information.

“This is definitely the best Goat Simulator release so far,” said Coffee Stain Studios Game Designer & PR Manager, Armin Ibrisagic.  “We’re excited to use this as an opportunity to support the prestigious Heifer International charity through our partnership with Curse and Gamepedia.”

Goat MMO Simulator is a free DLC patch that transforms the existing wildly popular Goat Simulator into a ragdoll physics massively multiplayer RPG. The patch introduces 5 unique classes – Warrior, Rouge, Magician, Hunter and Microwave – and dozens of quests to help you achieve level 101 for a traditional MMO experience. Goat MMO Simulator expansion will be available for PC on November 20, 2014 through Steam at

“Curse and Gamepedia are excited to help promote an incredibly fun game as well as contribute to a charity that helps change peoples’ lives,” says Ben Robinson, Wiki Director. “We’re proud to support Heifer International alongside Coffee Stain Studios.”

To learn more about Heifer International, please visit



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