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Dead State

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is more than hacking and slashing your way to victory. You need to create alliances, build a shelter, and gather supplies. Dead State, which released today from DoubleBear Productions, is a turn-based RPG that effectively captures the perils you’ll face in a zombie takeover. The game is available today on Steam for $29.99. Gamepedia has partnered with DoubleBear to present the Official Dead State Wiki.

In 2012, the developers turned to Kickstarter to fund the game. They hoped to raise $150,000. When the campaign ended one month later, they had collected over $300,000 – more than 200% of the original goal. Since then, the developers have provided regular updates on the game’s progression. The game has been in active beta since August of this year. Several Dead State features include:

  • Open-ended gameplay – In Dead State, you’re not bound to a single, linear storyline. Feel free to explore the world around you and encounter new experiences around every turn.

  • Innovative game mechanics – Zombies track their prey by sound. Tasks and upgrades are dependent upon your Resource Management.  The mechanics are realistic and unique from other zombie games.

  • Challenging player choices – When you’re faced with your impending doom and the collapse of society, not every decision you encounter will be black and white. You’ll have to make difficult decisions to keep yourself and your allies safe. Every choice comes with a price.

  • Awesome graphics – Detailed maps and character models are created through Torque 3D. View the gameplay video below to get a first-hand look at Dead State.


If you’re ready for a new take on an apocalyptic RPG, grab Dead State on Steam today. For regular updates, make sure to follow developers on Facebook and Twitter. For all of your game-related questions and curiosities, visit the Official Dead State Wiki.


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