YouTube Round-Up: December 12, 2014

This week's YouTube Round-Up provides an in-depth look at some of today's biggest games and new releases. You'll learn all about rare, epic, and legendary cards in the new Hearthstone expansion, Goblins Vs Gnomes. You'll also learn about rooms in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Jaina Proudmoore's abilities in Heroes of the Storm. Want to take a look at new and upcoming releases? Watch videos about both Bullet Rush for iOS and Dying Light. To finish up the Round-Up, make sure to watch the newest SFM video from Gamepedia, Pika Theft Auto. As always, subscribe to the Gamepedia YouTube Channel to stay up-to-date on the latest game-related videos.



SFM - Pika Theft Auto

An0nymooose has created another fantastic SFM video, this time featuring your favorite, yellow Pokemon as a merciless, gun-wielding criminal.  Subscribe to the Gamepedia YouTube Channel to easily view future creations from the Gamepedia video team.



Goblins VS Gnomes - Gamepedia

Hearthstone: New Rare Cards - Goblins Vs Gnomes

In this video, you'll learn about several of the new rare cards in the first Hearthstone expansion. A few of the currently announced Rare cards include Bomb Lobber, Gnomish Experimenter, and Goblin Sapper. Ascii also discusses the usefulness of each card and how to use the cards to their fullest potential.


Hearthstone: New Epic Cards - Goblins Vs Gnomes

Ascii takes a look at the new Epic cards currently announced for the next expansion. A few of the epic cards included in the expansion are Clockwork Giant, Enhance-o Mechano, and the Piloted Sky Golem. You'll also learn about class-specific epic cards, including Feign Death for hunters and the warrior's Bouncing Blade.


Hearthstone: New Legendary Cards - Goblins Vs Gnomes

Rounding out this week's Hearthstone videos is a great recap of the legendary cards that have been announced for Goblins Vs Gnomes. You'll learn about Blingtron 3000, Dr. Boom, and Mimiron's Head. 




Heroes of the Storm


Heroes of the Storm - Jaina Proudmoore Spotlight

SmallKiwi provides a great overview of Jaina Proudmoore's traits and abilities in Heroes of the Storm. You'll learn about Frostbolt, Blizzard, Cone of Cold, and Jaina's heroic abilities.




The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth - Rooms

Want to learn more about rooms in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth? Dash provides a comprehensive overview of the different rooms you'll encounter in the game, including boss rooms, shops, and arcades. You'll also learn useful room-related information, such as which floors certain rooms will spawn on.




Bullet Rush

Bullet Rush - Multiplayer FPS - Free on the iOS

Bullet Rush is a multiplayer FPS that's optimized for touch devices. The below video showcases exciting in-game footage and gives you a great idea of what to expect from this mobile game.



Dying Light

Dying Light - Story Trailer

Want to learn more about Dying Light? This detailed story trailer gives you a great idea of what to expect from this first-person action survival game. This game is available for pre-order, and will be released January 27th.


Dying Light: Intro - Origin of the Harran Crisis

Here's another Dying Light video that dives into the origin of the outbreak in Harran.




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