EVOLVE Launch and Giveaway

 EVOLVE is one of those unique new titles that seems to cross my desk so rarely these days. 2K's new 4v1 action FPS features four "Hunters" teaming up to track down and destroy, conceivably, the most dangerous game in the universe. The player controlling the monster must navigate the various maps, avoiding the Hunters and other dangerous wildlife while satiating his/her ever growing hunger and evolving to their FINAL FORM. Currently there are three monsters available for play upon release, each of them having different abilities and strengths upon evolution.

 To commemorate EVOLVE's release we're hosting a contest offering twelve (12) lucky winners their choice of jinx.com's new line of EVOLVE apparel, free of charge with shipping included.



Be sure to enter this contest through all available gates to increase your chances of winning one of these great shirts. For more information on EVOLVE be sure to hit up our Official EVOLVE Wiki for information on all Hunters, Monsters, gametypes and maps.



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