Asteroids: Outpost Early Access and Key Giveaway


It was just last month when Atari announced Asteroids: Outpost, an open world survival game set on a giant asteroid. Now, Asteroids: Outpost has just entered Early Access on Steam. While embarking on your thrilling space adventure, utilize the Official Asteroids: Outpost Wiki on Gamepedia for all of your game-related questions. In celebration of the game's debut, we're hosting an Early Access Key Giveaway where 500 gamers will win a full copy of the game.


In Asteroids: Outpost, the earth’s mines are depleted, and brave adventurers must turn to the distant corners of space for resources. The conditions are harsh, with dangerous asteroids looming above and hostile enemies looking to establish their dominance. With nothing more than an Outpost Module and a Mining Tool, you'll set off into the unknown to uncover fortunes hidden beneath the surface. 

Asteroids: Outpost features include:


  • Resource Scavenging - Mine rare minerals, scavenge abandoned outposts, and upgrade your technologies
  • Customizable Building – Construct, defend, and upgrade your base with a large variety of functional components

  • Upgradeable Rover – Explore the vast area around you in your well-equipped vehicle that includes oxygen, energy, and cargo space

  • A Fight for Survival – Use turrets to shoot down incoming asteroids, monitor your oxygen levels, and team up with other players to defend your territory against foes


To see the game in action, check out the below video from Dash. He provides in in-depth guide for beginners and shares the essential tips to remember when playing for the first time.




Asteroids: Outpost Key Giveaway

We’ve partnered with Atari to present an exciting Asteroids: Outpost giveaway where you could win a key that unlocks the entire game. The first 500 gamers to enter the giveaway will receive keys redeemable via SteamVisit our Giveaway page to grab yours now!


Want to learn more about Asteroids: Outpost?  Make sure to follow the game on both Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit the Official Asteroids: Outpost Wiki on Gamepedia to learn about gameplay, mechanics, and more.



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