YouTube Round-Up: March 27, 2015


In another YouTube Round-Up, the Gamepedia video team shares beginner's tips, lore, and informational videos on some of your favorite video games. The games covered in this week's Round-Up include Asteroids: Outpost, Medieval Engineers, Path of Exile, and Pillars of Eternity. If you enjoy any of this week's videos, consider subscribing to the Gamepedia Channel on YouTube. 


Asteroids Outpost: Early Access - Essential Beginner's Guide to Mining Asteroids

Asteroids: Outpost is an open world sandbox survival game from Salty Games. As a deep space miner, you must stake, protect, and expand your claim to mine valuable resources. Craft, customize, and upgrade your equipment. Ally with friends and defend against claim jumpers as you go From Rocks to Riches.




Medieval Engineers: Barbarian Traps

We take a look at four barbarian traps that you can build to help protect your castles and keeps. All of the traps featured can be found on the Steam workshop.








Path of Exile: Vendor Recipes - Everything You Need to Know

When selling items to a vendor in Path of Exile, you can make semi-specific combinations to give better rewards. We take a look at the different types of vendor recipes and how you can make more from your loot.



Path of Exile - Masters: Everything You Need to Know

The Forsaken Masters are NPCs who grant the player missions and a hideout. Each master has his or her own style of mission and a specific hideout tileset. They will also sell the player items and add crafting mods.






Pillars of Eternity: Lore You Need to Know - Races, Religion, Locations and Your Soul

Ascii shares the lore behind many of the key aspects in Pillars of Eternity, which just released this week.




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