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God is a Cube is a programming sandbox god game where you, the player, are a god and also a cube. You’ll create life from cubes, fight other players, and devour giant planets - which, you guessed it, are made entirely of cubes. The game is currently in alpha and allows players to program cubes and share DNA. If you’re interested in subscribing to the alpha, visit the God is a Cube forums here. To learn more about this up-and-coming title, visit the Official God is a Cube Wiki on Gamepedia.


In God is a Cube, every cube is alive, and you can alter a cube’s DNA to change its abilities and the way it thinks. The game has been a project of Marc Kruzik’s for years, and he’s been hard at work on an alpha version for players. The first part of the game, titled Age of DNA, is intended for fans of Redstone and mods like Industrial Craft. To learn more about the game’s alpha, visit the God is a Cube forums. To see the game in action, view the First Gameplay video from Marc Kruzik himself. You can also view several additional gameplay videos on the God is a Cube YouTube Channel.



A ton of content was just added to the game in a brand new update, including roses, first person view, and energy flows. You can learn more about the big update here. To receive regular updates on God is a Cube’s progress, make sure to follow the game on both Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about the game or contribute your own God is a Cube knowledge, head on over to the Official God is a Cube Wiki on Gamepedia.


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