Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain 1 Minute Heroic Guides


In Blackrock Mountain, the newest Hearthstone expansion, you’ll need a strategy-driven deck catered to your enemy’s weaknesses if you want to emerge victorious. In the below videos, Ascii shares the best decks for defeating the expasion's fearsome opponents and the cards that make the biggest impact in each fight. The best part? Each guide is only 60 seconds. The Hearthstone Playlist on Gamepedia’s YouTube Channel has everything you need to know about this newest Hearthstone adventure.



Heroic Dark Iron Arena

With a deck full of legendary minions and a head start on mana, conquering the Dark Iron Arena is no easy feat. To take down High Justice Grimstone, Ascii created a mage deck that combined freezing, copying, and stealing to help even the playing field. Work on controlling the board and stealing minions to come out a champion. Faceless Manipulator and Ice Block are a must.





Heroic Grim Guzzler

Coren Direbrew’s hero power greatly impacts the Heroic Grim Guzzler match. Every time he starts a turn, he’ll summon three minions – two from his deck and one from yours - into the battlefield. To combat this, Ascii created a mage deck loaded with powerful late game minions, like Ragnaros and Kel’Thuzad, and control spells. The key to this Heroic encounter is letting Direwbrew’s heroic power play your minions for you while you focus on spells.






Heroic Emperor Thaurissan

Emperor Thaurissan will instantly hit you for 30 damage if you kill his wife, who in heroic mode is a 3/1. So, what’s the secret to coming out on top? Ascii created a Priest deck that counters the Emperor's Unstable Ghouls and Abominations. You’ll also need to buff up your own minions to take him out as soon as possible. Use Power World: Shield to either buff up Thaurissan’s wife to keep her from dying or strengthen your own minions.



Beating this newest Hearthstone expansion is no walk in the park, but these decks can help pave your way to victory. Have you used other decks that brought you success on the battlefield? Share them below in the comments or tweet us at @CurseGamepedia.


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