GoatZ, Goat Simulator DLC, Launches on Steam


GoatZ, the just released DLC for Goat Simulator, is latching on to the zombie trend that’s been sweeping the gaming industry. Oh, and the survival trend. And the crafting system craze… Basically, GoatZ is going to fufill all of your zombie goat desires. It has the same kind of hilarious, ridiculous antics we’ve all come to expect from Coffee Stain Studios, and Goat Simulator has been temporarily discounted on Steam to celebrate this new, flesh-eating content.


Self-dubbed the “first survival game not in early access”, GoatZ includes a new map with stuff, a survival mode where you have to eat every five minutes, and, of course, buggy zombies. Sound familiar? While you’re attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse, use the Official Goat Simulator Wiki on Gamepedia for all your game-related questions.





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