Celebrate Mods with #ModLove2015



Mods contribute so much to the gaming community, whether it’s through texture packs, additional in-game items, or completely new gameplay elements. Recently, it’s become clear how passionate gamers are about mods and mod-friendly titles. Mods allow us to experience our favorite games in a completely new light – and it’s time we showed our appreciation. Here at Curse, we’ve partnered with our friends in the mod community to celebrate Mod Appreciation Week, a week-long event where gamers can recognize their favorite mods and highlight their favorite mod developers.  


Giving a shout out to your favorite mod is easy. Simply use the #ModLove2015 hashtag on your preferred social network to take part. You can even join the conversation on your favorite community sites. It doesn't matter if your mod is hosted on Steam, ModDB, or even here at Curse! This week is about acknowledging mods and mod developers who work tirelessly to improve our gaming experiences.

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Since the creation of CurseForge, Curse has given over $1.7M to mod developers, and we’ll continue to support these awesome creators during Mod Appreciation Week. CurseForge authors that receive praise from the gaming community will have a chance to receive a $100 credit to their Forge accounts. But it’s not just the creators that are getting prizes – you could win something as well. We’ll be randomly choosing a number of winners to receive free games. All you need to do is make sure to use the #ModLove2015 hashtag to recognize your favorite mods, and we’ll do the rest.


Mod Appreciation Week is all about sharing your mod experiences, recognizing your favorite developers, and shining light on the greatest mods around. Mod creators help to improve and expand our favorite games, and we’re excited to shower them with recognition this week.




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