Twitchpedia, New Streamer Resource, Launches Today


Twitchpedia is a new wiki resource for streamers, fans, and those looking to learn more about online streaming. By creating your own streamer page on Twitchpedia, you can help your viewers learn more about your history, encourage them to connect with you through social media, and share your streaming schedule.

Learn more about your favorite streamers

Have you ever wanted to read about the backstory behind your favorite streamer? Twitchpedia allows streamers and their fan bases to create detailed wiki pages that include everything you’d ever want to know about your favorite gamers. You can read their biography, learn trivia facts, keep track of their streaming schedule, connect with them through social media, and even watch their stream – all in one centralized place.

Discover new streamers

Twitchpedia showcases new streamers, top streamers, and featured streamers right on the home page. These sections, along with our “View a Random Streamer” button, allow you to check out streamers you may have never encountered otherwise.

Create your own streamer page

By having your own page on Twitchpedia, you provide your fans with an informative resource to learn more about you and contribute their own knowledge. You can also be discovered by new viewers and even become featured on the home page. Click here to discover how to create a streamer page.


As you browse Twitchpedia, you can provide feedback about this new wiki resource, fill out a form to create your own streamer page, and learn how to become featured on the front page. Twitchpedia relies on the community to provide the most relevant, up-to-date information about streamers, so make sure to share your streamer page with your fans!





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