How Will WildStar’s Move to F2P Affect Players?


NCSOFT and Carbine Studios announced that WildStar will be going F2P this fall. So, what’s exactly in the F2P model? Well, in addition to leveling to level 50, players will be able to acquire all abilities, participate in all raids, and basically experience the entire game. This move will definitely pull in new gamers who have never tried WildStar before and help attract past players that are no longer active. But how will the F2P move affect current subscribers?


First, a new membership option will be added to the game that provides players with convenience items. Players that maintain a subscription from June 15 to launch will receive several in-game rewards, including a décor item, a companion, and title. If you’ve been a subscriber since the game’s launch, and you maintain your subscription through the F2P switch, you’ll get an awesome mount, another title, and all the other previous gifts. You can see the specifics of these rewards in the above video.


The WildStar development team has stated that they have no intention of selling items that give players power. In the meantime, Carbine will work on content changes, such as streamlining stats, simplifying the amp system, and adjusting the game’s tutorial.


So, will you be maintaining a WildStar subscription until the F2P switch? If you’re interested in learning more about the game, the WildStar Wiki on Gamepedia contains thousands of pages on everything you’d ever want to know about the game. It’s the perfect resource for deciding if this MMO is the right fit for you.




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