Galaxy Heist's Kickstarter Campaign Just Launched


Pilot ships, fire turrets, control fighter drones, and commandeer enemy vessels in Galaxy Heist, an upcoming title from Space Bear Development. The game’s Kickstarter just launched yesterday, and they’re already off to a fantastic start. You can also vote for the game to be Greenlit on Steam.


Galaxy Heist is a space combat game with FPS elements that focuses on boarding other players’ ships. Players are split into 4-5 player sub teams and put on a large flagship together. From there, you’ll be able to steer the ship, fire turrets, or jump into a small fighter to defend your flagship. When an enemy ship is disabled, fire a tether to board and destroy the vessel from the inside. Once the self-destruct process has been initiated, you’ll be returned to space.


The game is 100% skill based, and there’s no pay-to-win tactics or grinding. You’ll be able to play competitive PvP, custom AI matches, and even offline. Galaxy Heist also works with any VR supported by Unreal Engine.


The Kickstarter campaign includes several stretch goals, such as a first-person drone fighter view, an advanced matchmaking system, and new game modes. If you become a backer, you can receive various awards such as the game’s soundtrack, special in-game items, and even your own custom ship. You can follow the development team on Twitter to receive updated game news and future Galaxy Heist announcements.


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