Tree of Life MMO Encourages Teamwork to Survive


The world is yours to explore, build upon, and claim in Tree of Life, a sandbox MMO survival game with traditional RPG characteristics. Developed by OddOne Games, the title’s Early Access version is currently playable through Steam, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. To learn more about the game or contribute your own knowledge, visit the Tree of Life Wiki at Gamepedia.



In Tree of Life, the world around you is constantly changing and evolving. Trees will grow, dungeons will be revealed, and more. You can build anywhere in the world, and you can partner with other players to build villages and develop a blossoming community. As your settlement grows, monsters will begin to attack and attempt to steal your resources. Defend, rebuild, and then seek out your revenge on a monster village. There are virtually endless amounts of activities in the game, including hunting, woodcutting, mining, cooking, farming, exploring, and more.


There are rare items in Tree of Life, but you can only obtain one specific rare item from each region. This means you’ll need to search new areas or trade with other players. Interacting with others is a sure way to reach success in this diverse, dangerous land.


To see the game in action, check out the Early Access trailer below.



Steam reviewers boast about the game’s community, leveling system, and art style. If you're a fan of MMOs, it's worth checking out. To get in on the action, grab Tree of Life on Steam now. To receive the latest Tree of Life news, follow the developers on Facebook and Twitter. As you explore the world around you, make the Tree of Life Wiki your premiere source for game-related information.




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