Cure Disease, Make Bank with Big Pharma's Beta Release


Illness is good for business when you’re the head of your own pharmaceutical conglomerate. In Big Pharma, you’ll improve the lives of millions, cure the sick, and bring home the bank. From Twice Circled and Positech Games, Big Pharma is part business simulator and part logistics puzzle. The title just launched its beta access today and is available on the official website. While you’re distributing drugs and running an innovative factory, check out the Official Big Pharma Wiki to learn more about the game’s machines, ingredients, and research.


You’ll start at the bottom in Big Pharma, with nothing more than a few rusty machines and a dream to earn the big bucks. Begin by beating out cheap generic treatments for minor ailments and slowly rise to the top. Discover new ingredients, acquire hi-tech machinery, and create the next world-changing drug. The path to success is paved with obstacles, from other rival corporations to a dynamically shifting marketplace.


The beta version of the game currently includes 25 challenges across 5 different scenarios, 18 machines, 6 tutorial missions, and 8 unique AI characters with their own personalities. Additional in-game items and new scenarios can be expected in the near future. 


Get a closer look at Big Pharma in the Official Beta Release Trailer below.



Ready to take charge of your own factory? Grab beta access on the Big Pharma website now. To receive the most current game news, make sure to like the game on Facebook and follow the developers on Twitter. If you’d like to learn more about the game or contribute your own Big Pharma knowledge, stop by the Official Big Pharma Wiki on Gamepedia.




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