SMITE Open Beta for Xbox One Begins Next Week


We’re only one week away from SMITE for Xbox One entering its Open Beta on July 8. Every Xbox One user will be able to play SMITE for free through the Xbox Games Store or by visiting the game's website. For gamers interested in learning more about this exciting MOBA, the Official SMITE Wiki on Gamepedia is a comprehensive resource for gameplay tips, God information, and SMITE tournament dates.


Hi-Rez Studios has made it clear that all progress from the Closed Beta will be carried over into the Open Beta, so current players don’t have to worry about losing any of their hard-earned progress. Any players interested in carrying over select progress and purchased items from their PC accounts can utilize SMITE’s one-time Account Merge option. Visit the Account Merge FAQ page for more information.


Those interested in unlocking all SMITE Gods and grabbing additional in-game items should check out the SMITE Founder's Pack. The pack gives you access to all current and future Gods, two exclusive skins, 400 gems, and instant Beta access.



In celebration of the Open Beta launch, SMITEpedia continued its SMITE God and Skin Giveaway yesterday with new god Ravana, the Demon King of Lanka. You can learn more about this Hindu Warrior God on the Ravana wiki page and discover his enemy-crushing abilities, passive skills, and lore. Missed out on entering the contest? Don't worry! We've given away Ratatoskr and Ah Puch Gods in the past, and we will continue to host SMITE God giveaways in the future. To learn about upcoming contests and stay up-to-date on SMITE news, follow @SMITEpedia on Twitter.





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