Announcing the Official Mad Max Wiki and Pre-Order Giveaway


Gamepedia has partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to proudly announce the Official Mad Max Wiki, your ultimate source for game-related information and news. In Mad Max, you'll take the role of Max and explore the immense post-apocalyptic world around you while battling eccentric bandits and gangs. To celebrate the game's upcoming release, Gamepedia is giving away three special pre-order copies of Mad Max to fans that share their game excitement using the hashtag #MadMaxGame.


Prior to the game’s September 1st release, fans of the blockbuster movie Mad Max can use the Official Wiki to learn about the game’s features, view screenshots, and explore the Mad Max universe. Once the game is released, the Official Wiki will grow to include answers to all of your most pressing game questions.


Starting today, we’ll be highlighting the Official Mad Max Wiki on Gamepedia. If you’re excited for the game’s release, use the hashtag #MadMaxGame on Twitter or Facebook! On July 17th, three lucky participants will receive pre-orders of Mad Max, ensuring that they’ll be able to dive into The Wasteland as soon as the game is released.


Start exploring the Official Mad Max Wiki to learn more about this upcoming title, and use #MadMaxGame on social media to share your excitement!


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