Kyn, Mythological Viking RPG, Releases on Steam Today



Enter a mythological world where Vikings and magic college in Kyn, a single-player RPG developed by Tangrin Entertainment and published by Versus Evil. This fast-paced game combines party-based combat with exploration and progression, and it has received positive feedback on Steam thus far. To learn more about Kyn gameplay and features, visit the Official Wiki on Gamepedia.



In Kyn, you’ll build a classic dungeon crawling group from the game’s varied heroes. The armor and abilities of each character are customizable to suit your needs, and points can be allocated into mind, body, and control categories. The game also includes a deep crafting and loot system, where you’ll be able to combine over 100 different materials to create powerful equipment.


As you and your heroes unlock the mysteries of the Viking world, you’ll encounter everything from ancient ruins to snow-topped mountains. You’ll face a myriad of intricate puzzles, as well as dangerous combat in real time action! Use traps, build up to attacks, and utilize the game’s slow motion feature to strategically control your heroes. You’ll need quick thinking and fast reflexes to defeat the intelligent enemies and powerful bosses you’ll come upon in the game.




Kyn is available now on Steam. You can follow the game developer on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest game-related news and updates. To learn more about the game or contribute your own knowledge, visit the Official Kyn Wiki on Gamepedia.



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