Fallout Hype Week on Gamepedia

Fallout Hype Week


With the release of Fallout 4 less than 99 days away, Gamepedia is celebrating Fallout Hype Week on our Fallout Wiki, The Vault. Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing Fallout news, fan creations, and highlighting our awesome Fallout resource.


The Vault is an ever-expanding resource of Fallout information that spans from the original Fallout game to Fallout Shelter. The wiki is regularly updated with recent news, trailer analyses, live blogs, and more. It’s a fantastic resource for dedicated Fallout fans and those new to the series. The Vault even contains a ton of information on Fallout 4, including the game’s promotional items.


In the near future, The Vault plans to host a Fallout Theory contest, where fans can submit their best theories to be reviewed by a panel of judges.  The top theories from the contest will be recognized, and the winners will have a chance to win prizes ranging from a pre-order of Fallout 4 to a bobble head! To be notified when the contest begins, like The Vault on Facebook or visit the wiki regularly!


To start the week off, check out our past Fallout articles below.



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