Goblin Harvest Now Available for PC



Goblin Harvest is a turn-based strategy game with RPG, deck-building, and adventure elements. This retro, procedurally-generated title is now available for PC from the game’s itch.io page, where you can also find a short game demo. Gamepedia has partnered with the game’s designer, Ian Williams, to present the Official Goblin Harvest Wiki, your premiere resource for learning more about the game.



The game combines board game elements with the thrilling “choose your own adventure” experience. While the game’s mechanics are relatively straight-forward and easy to pick-up, Goblin Harvest offers a ton of variety and unique experiences. Nearly everything in the game is randomly generated, from the landscape to enemies to item pricing. Additional features include six difficulty levels, weather events, activities such as fishing and horse riding, and plenty of world to explore. To see the game in action, view the below intro video.



Ready to jump into the game? Head on over to the Goblin Harvest itch.io page. The game is currently available on PC, but will soon be available on iPad as well! To keep up with the latest Goblin Harvest news, you can follow the game on Facebook and the game’s developer on Twitter. To learn more about the game, or contribute your own Goblin Harvest information, stop by the Official Wiki.


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