New Wiki Monday: Towns Wiki


Towns, developed by SMP, is a mix between a city building and management sim and an RPG and the wiki already has an amazing amount of community contributions! Not only can players create buildings, but the different people attracted to the town take over different functions, such as heroes, who explore the dungeon beneath town.

Players start with a few settlers and build up their city, Township. Every player-made choice either attracts more people into Township or makes the characters want to wander off. Players must harvest and build for their townspeople, but also remember to keep them fed enough. Heroes are attracted to towns with taverns and have several different personality sets. In addition to sim characteristics, Towns also offers traditional RPG flavors, such as weapon crafting and loot drops.

Want to join in with the Towns wiki community and start adding to the information? Be sure to check out the help page to get started. For page translation assistance, please look here!


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