Pixel Privateers is a Tactical RPG Set in a Universe Full of Loot

Pixel Privateers screenshot


Exploring the universe can be a lonely job — unless you're accompanied by some fellow mercenaries in your search for intergalactic loot. That's the case in Pixel Privateers, the new title from Quadro Delta that's set to be released in early 2016. Now, you can take advantage of a guide to the game's galaxies by visiting the Pixel Privateers Wiki.


The core of Pixel Privateers is its squad-based tactical RPG gameplay. Whether controlling your own squad of highly trained mercenaries or teaming up with a friend online, your trek around the galaxy will see you face off with a potent variety of weird and wonderful aliens.


Taking these enemies down is no easy task, and you'll need a full grasp of the game's deep character progression system to build a squad capable of success. Luckily, the Gamepedia Wiki has the information you'll need to thrive among the stars.


Whether you're looking for details on which alien artefact you'll need to possess in order to research a particular ability, or simply hunting for tips about which enemy types are most common on each of the game's many planets, the Wiki puts all the necessary intel at your fingertips. As the game's planned expansions make its universe even larger, the site will continue to be updated with brand new info.


Here's a quick look at Pixel Privateers in action:



Pixel Privateers is expected to launch in early 2016 for the PC. Until that time, you can catch up with latest news from the development process by following the game's official Twitter account, and take a look at the freshly created Pixel Privateers Wiki. If you've been keeping up with the game's progress so far, why not see if you can add some information there right now?




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