Experience the Whimsical Story of Unravel, Out Today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One


Starting today, you can experience the enchanting world of Unravel on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. In the game, you'll explore the breath-taking environment of Northern Scandinavia with Yarny, a lovable character made with a single thread of red yarn. Together, you'll solve physics-based puzzles and experience the title's heartfelt story. You can purchase the game on the official Unravel website and share your own game information on Gamepedia's Unravel Wiki.


Make sure to stay updated on the latest Unravel news by following the game on both Facebook and Twitter. The Unravel Wiki on Gamepedia is a great place to contribute your own game knowledge, learn more about the game, and discover tips for getting started with your puzzle-solving adventure.


Benjamin Tarsa 

Benjamin manages all of the non-wiki content on Gamepedia as well as taking care of community-related concerns and relationships with indie partners. In his spare time he is an avid reader and gamer, and has freakishly flexible thumbs.




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