EverQuest Next January Producer's Letter via EQNext Fans

Here are some of the things we can look forward to in the upcoming weeks, as told by Terry Michaels, Senior Producer, above in January's Producer Letter to the community:
  • Alpha just around the corner!
  • New ebook coming out, Prison of Fire
  • New content coming to the Landmark website, including fansite Collective Interview responses, a new contest for EQ players to show off and brag about what they've accomplished in the game
  • Community Celebration kicking off the Year of EverQuest here at the SOE San Diego Studio on January 31st
  • New developer diary coming out this month about crafting

 For the latest EverQuest Next and EQNext Landmark news, keep an eye on the EQNext Fans! To learn more in-depth information regarding the latest from the EverQuest franchise, or to lend a hand with wiki content, please see the the EQNext Wiki! [Vendolyn]


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