Via EQNext Fans: Alpha Launching Tonight Plus Interview with Jeff Butler

We have an update regarding the EverQuest Next Landmark alpha, thanks to our crew at the San Diego community event today. SOE has officially announced that the Alpha for the highly anticipated game will begin this evening!

“Later today, we will begin the Alpha for EverQuest Next Landmark and open up the game to our most committed and passionate players,” said Dave Georgeson, Director of Development for the EverQuest franchise. “This is the earliest point in the development process that we’ve ever let players into a game. We are empowering these players to do much more than test the game for bugs. For the first time, our players can join alongside us as part of the development team. They will have a significant voice in how the final game takes shape.”

Not only that, but we were able to snag an interview with Jeff Butler, Creative Director:


For more news regarding EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark, be sure to keep an eye on EQNext Fans! There is also an article over at for EQNext Landmark's alpha release. To preorder, please do so directly through the EQNext website or by logging into your SOE account online. For game information, or to become a wiki contributor and editor, head over to the EQNext Wiki to lend a hand! [Vendolyn]


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