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The Heroes, of the Storm

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Heroes of the Storm Wiki

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It's a Beach Party.. with Stitches

Words cannot describe the awesomeness of Beach Party Stitches! We'll be sharing more unreleased skin previews as time goes on, so be sure to return!

This is not a joke, that's actually Stitches in a bikini.

Mount Skins

One of the ways that you can make your hero stand out is with a new epic mount! You will have access to the Dark Brown Horse to start off with, and there are plenty of other skins and models available for mounts that you can acquire. The following are the mount skins which are currently in the game, including two never before seen mount skins: The Magic Carpet and Money Pig.

Fact: Mounts start off at a 20% speed increase to your base movement speed and increase by 2% for each level (above level 1) your team has. The mount speed increase caps at 40%.


War Horses

Dire Wolves

Cyber Wolves

Rainbow Unicorns


Money Pig & Magic Carpet

For the latest Heroes of the Storm news, keep an eye on the HeroesNexus! To learn more in-depth information regarding mounts, builds and strategies, or to lend a hand with wiki content, please see the the Heroes of the Storm Wiki! [Vendolyn]


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