WildStar News: PvP AMA Next Week, Plus more PvP info from Arenas and Battlegrounds via WildStar Forums!

Carbine may have released their PvP devspeak video on Arenas and Battlegrounds this week, but next week they are going to take a deeper look into these great PvP modes. There's a Reddit AMA as well as deeper looks into Arenas and the Halls of the Bloodsworn Battleground. Check out the schedule below and we'll update this article with the exact time of the Reddit AMA as soon as we know! Plus, if you missed it yesterday, check out the deep dive into the battleground Walatiki Temple on the dev blog.

Quote from Team WildStar

Not enough for you? Well fancy pants, there is more! Next week, we have ALL the content for you to sink your teeth into, including:

  • March 25: Arenas Deep Dive
  • March 26: AMA on Reddit
  • March 27: Halls of the Bloodsworn Battleground Deep Dive
  • March 29: PvP Livestream on Twitch

So be sure you keep your eyes here, on Twitter, and Facebook for all of the upcoming PvP badassery.

Check out the dev blog here!

For the latest WildStar news, keep an eye on the WildStar Forums! Their article regarding WildStar now being available for preorder can be found here. To learn more in-depth information regarding the latest from Carbine's hottest new title, or to lend a hand with wiki content, please see the the WildStar Wiki! [Vendolyn]


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