Via EQNext Fans: Welcome to Closed Beta for EverQuest Next Landmark!

Alongside the Update Notes that were posted today, SOE has a bunch of information to help you transition from the Alpha build stage to today's Closed Beta stage. You can find all of that information here, but I am going to highlight some of the more important pieces in this post.


In the current development stage, the many different biomes are portioned off to their own little "island." You can easily jump from one to the other at the main Landmark hub, but there are many to sort through. Fear not, SOE has created an easily accessible list of all the island names with their biome and tier info (click image for larger version):

Getting Started

Dave Georgeson has given everyone a good headstart with a few tips on how to get started once you login so that you can get your Claim up as soon as possible:

Hey folks,

If you played Alpha, then the beginning steps after you enter the world have changed a bit. Just to avoid confusion, here's a few starting steps for you! (Also useful for you folks that are completely new to the game!)


  • Mine some copper and craft a pair of Keen Eye Bands (discovery stat ftw!)
  • Go find some iron and the other resources you need to make a claim flag.
  • Make that flag at the BASIC FORGE at the Hub. (The hub no longer has a Stone Forge.)
  • Go stake your claim.
  • Then go back to the hub, make a Stone Forge, and take it back to your claim so that you can make Iron Ingots and such. (Basic Forge only smelts copper and tin.)
  • Build an Alchemy Station, then an Iron Pick, then a Silver Axe.
  • Up to you at this point, but pro tip...consider an Outfitter's Station so you get access to better Discovery accessories.


  • Start out by building a Copper Pick.
  • Gather more copper and build a pair of Keen Eye Bands
  • Build a Tin Axe (not strictly necessary, but nicer than the Stone Axe).
  • Build a claim flag and plant your claim
  • Refer to the post-claim steps in the list above!

ALSO! Be warned! You do NOT know the progression steps just because you played Alpha. You'll need to poke around and figure it out, just like you did at the start of Alpha. (Example, the next step after stone forge is NOT saw table.)

Updated Roadmap

Recently, SOE updated their Roadmap to highlight what is left in Phase I, along with some changes/additions to later phases. You can check out the entire thing here.

Phase One tasks still to complete

Better Communication

  • Claim Ratings : Bragging is fun. Getting comments and ratings from people that stop by your claim can also be fun. Having ratings lets us also add leaderboards and let the best of the creators in our community begin to surface. They’re also critical for our Player Studio presentation later on.[Closed Beta Launch]

More Space

  • Claim Upkeep : Empty and abandoned claims are not cool. So we’re introducing Upkeep which is basically a small amount of in-game coin you have to spend to keep your claim from being repossessed into the world and made available to other players. (NOTE: If you don’t pay your upkeep all you lose is your spot in the world. All your resources, props, crafted items, etc., are saved in your inventory and your buildout is templatized and saved for you.) [Closed Beta Launch]

For the latest EverQuest Next and Landmark news, keep an eye on the EQNext Fans! To learn more in-depth information regarding the latest from the EverQuest franchise, or to lend a hand with wiki content, please see the the EQNext Wiki! [Vendolyn]


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