Via Wildstar Forums: We've got all the outdoor housing items on WildStar Wiki!

Senior Wiki Manager Wynthyst has been busy over on the WildStar Wiki adding all the known outdoor housing items into our database. These plugs fit into one of the six sockets that are on your housing property and they range from functional plugs like the Crafting Kiosk, to the non-functioning, vanity plugs like the Outhouse seen below.

(The Crafting Kiosk is on the left, as the Outhouse is obviously on the right.)

Those two are examples of the smaller 1x1 outdoor housing plugs, of which of you have four sockets to place those plugs. You do get two larger 1x2 sockets on your plot of land and these larger sockets offer things that the smaller plugs don't, like a Ferris Wheel or a fully functional Robot Workshop.

(The Ferris Wheel is on the left with the Robot Workshop on the right.)

And that's only four examples out of a selection of close to 100 different plugs for the area around your home on Nexus, but we still need your help. We need folks like you to contribute, so we can catalog even more housing items like the furnishings inside your home as well as just adding some more information to the sockets and plugs that have already been cataloged. 

So head on over to the WildStar Wiki today, and while your playing this weekend, catalog a few items for your fellow players or just add some new info to some existing listings. See you on Nexus!



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