N4G's Indie Games Month Puts Small Studios in the Spotlight

Community-supported video game news site N4G is right in the middle of an insane month-long event in which some of the hottest Indie developers are put right in the spotlight.

During Indie Games Month, grassroots studios and developers are grabbing the main page with demos, trailers, previews, interviews, guest blogs, and giveaways! Indeed, at the end of the month the Indie Month Mega Bundle will go to one lucky reader, including codes and copies for all released games covered during July, a $100 Steam or Amazon gift card, and a PS4 console!

You can find a recap below on everything that's been featured so far this month, or you can just head to N4G.com to browse the spotlight.

Day 1: Gone North Games

Day 2: Coffee Stain Studios

Day 3: MagicalTimeBean

Day 4: Housemarque

Day 5: Chris Chung

Day 6: Fire Hose Games

Day 7: Dejobaan Games

Day 8: Vagabond Dog

Day 9: Chris Hecker

Day 10: Modern Dream

Day 11: Red Barrels

Day 12: Cowardly Creations

Day 13: Lumi Games

Day 14: Marc ten Bosch

Day 15: Klei Entertainment



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