How Black Desert Online is Celebrating Halloween


'Tis the season for spooky offerings in games worldwide, and Black Desert Online has fully embraced the witching hour. The realm has been redecorated, and Daily and Event quests are available for all players through November 9th.



Playing for two hours will grant one Halloween Cookie per day. You can also talk to Lara (general vendor in Heidel) to activate the Candies for Children event, which will allow you to collect candies from all over the world. Turn these in three at a time for Halloween Candy Baskets.



Then, place a Halloween Candy Basket and a Halloween Cookie (in that order) in a [-] shape to obtain a Halloween Gift Box.


Possible Halloween Gift Box rewards include:

  • Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction
  • Tungrade Earring
  • Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box
  • Ogre Ring
  • Basilisk's Belt
  • Centaur's Belt
  • Giath’s Helmet
  • Red Nose’s Armor
  • Bheg's Gloves
  • Muskan's Shoes
  • Ring of Crescent Guardian
  • Black Magic Crystal - Harphia
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience
  • Sicil's Necklace
  • Blue Whale Molar Earring
  • Necklace of Good Deeds
  • Tree Spirit Belt
  • Manos Ruby Necklace
  • Ring of Cadry Guardian
  • Black Magic Crystal - Sturdiness
  • Black Magic Crystal - Armor
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
  • Witch's Earring
  • Red Coral Earring
  • Ancient Guardian's Seal
  • Mark of Shadow
  • Bensho's Necklace
  • Ancient Weapon Core
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard
  • Cron Stone
  • Memory Fragment

Event Quests will have you accepting requests from various NPCs to defeat monsters. Each of these gives out a unique reward so you can dress for the season, no RNG involved!


Sweet Cone Hat
Sweet Cone
Devil Horn


To collect your headgears, seek out Ficy, Gray Biants, Lylina, Amadeo Alejandro, and Mercianne Moretti. For a full description of these event quests, visit the Halloween Events thread on the official BDO forums.


If you're still brooming with enthusiasm (sorry not sorry), go all-out and grab the Halloween Item Bundle for $45/€45 during the event period. This bundle contains:


  • Bloody Suit
  • Drifty Ghosphy (Pet)
  • Skeletal Horse Equipment
  • Halloween Interior Set
  • Jack-O-Lantern Mask
  • 375 Pearls

Preview the contents in the video below.



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