How On The Level Game Studios Leveled Up Bunny's Musical Adventures in Rock N Rogue

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Guitars, gratuitous violence, and the kind of humor that may make you facepalm frequently -- kind of a head-scratching mix, but these attributes are cornerstones of the Boo Bunny Plague action musical games from On The Level Game Studios. If the first game in the series managed to fly under your radar, you really only need to watch one video to sum up the kind of experience in store for you.



If you DID belt your way through dimensions of time, space-time, and actual space with Bunny, you may already know that the saga continues with Rock N Rogue: A Boo Bunny Plague Adventure. This newly released title for Windows PC users (via Steam) is the answer to the age-old question of "Where do we go next?" On The Level Games Studios found themselves asking this very question after Boo Bunny Plague's 2014 launch.

“Our last game Boo Bunny Plague was a hack and slash music adventure, done our way and after we finished that up we thought wow where do we go next?” stated Jeff Reimert, Chief Executive Officer, On The Level Game Studios. 

To find a direction for their next Boo Bunny project, the team simply considered their roots. This Houston-based handful of talented individuals is close-knit, full of heart, and shares a common love for music. The original concept, which according to Audio Director Bunny D.A.S.T. was inspired by 80's and 90's cartoons from Warner Bros. and Adult Swim, puts a heavy emphasis on music and humor. Boo Bunny Plague takes you through seven planned levels of mayhem, accompanied by a sort of cinematic rock opera featuring an original soundtrack by Houston musicians.


What followed in Rock N Rogue: A Boo Bunny Plague Adventure was more emphasis on music as a weapon, plus a rhythmic revolution with the help of nerdcore rapper mc chris.

Music is what makes us who we are and our style and approach is unique in a way that is all our own. Once we landed on a dungeon crawler for the sequel, we knew we had to level it up on the audio front and we got lucky – we found mc chris, a popular rapper focused on nerd life and we knew he was a perfect match.”


In keeping with that theme, each of the four playable characters features their own powerful musical instrument complete with a unique fighting style. They'll need them to shred through the nine procedurally generated layers of Hades and beyond.


So now that Rock N Rogue has found its way onto Steam, only one more question remains: Where does the team go next? 


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