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If you've ever played a MOBA, you know all too well the feeling of wishing you'd picked another character while you're mid-game. It's a revolutionary concept that NCSOFT's newly launched Master X Master introduces to the genre, adding an addictive layer of strategy for engaging and unpredictable battles. 


With the TAG System you'll be able quickly swap between two pre-chosen Masters in the middle of combat to throw your opponents for a loop, but be careful; this means they'll be capable of doing the same to your team! There are 30+ Masters available, allowing for hundreds of different combinations. 



Right now players can jump into a number of different PvP game modes. Arenas are battlegrounds with a more traditional MOBA feel: The Combat Arena is a 3v3 battleground great for starting out with its quick, five minute death matches; Titan Ruins, a 5v5 battleground, will have players pushing along a three-lane map that will feel familiar to veteran MOBA players.


Mini Games are less about combat, instead being a more movement-focused PvP mode. These challenges test players' running, dodging, and jumping skills to determine victory.


For those who prefer PvE content, Stages are where you want to be. Run solo or with friends to clear instances and dungeons. Each stage is divided into several different areas with their own layouts, challenges, and bosses. Complete these stages to gain materials you can use to upgrade your Masters, weapons, and abilities -- however, note that these upgrades have no effect in Arenas. Rich rewards await for those who strategize well and rank highly on harder difficulties.

Launch: Final Need-to-Know Details

  • The game is free-to-play, and can be downloaded by clicking here - be sure to uninstall previous versions first
  • The Official Master X Master Wiki contains everything you need to know about Masters, the TAG system, materials, upgrading, Nodes, and more

Did you participate in the Beta? What combos have you tried and loved? Let us know in the comments below! 

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