Yarny Doll Giveaway


Yarny has been visiting Gamepedia headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama, and we've enjoyed exploring the city together. But now, with Unravel releasing February 9, it's time for Yarny to go on another adventure! We're hosting an exciting Yarny Doll Giveaway, where seven lucky Unravel fans will have a chance to win their own Yarny!


Starting at 10:00 am CST on February 5, residents of the USA and Canada ages 13 or older can enter for a chance to win their very own Yarny doll. Seven (7) winners will be chosen on February 9. Will Yarny be heading to your city?

Click Here to Visit the Giveaway Page


To learn more about Unravel and the game's unique puzzles, visit the Wiki on Gamepedia. Make sure your ready for the game's big release next week by pre-ordering Unravel on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 via the game's website.


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